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by Solange Poirier
Assassins #1

Publication: September 12th, 2013

Adult Contemporary Romance

Sometimes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is where you need to be for the good things in life to fall into place.

Max Brady is a 25 year old, fresh out of college, ambitious woman that doesn’t take crap from anyone, and often uses men before tiring and disposing of them. She’s landed her dream job at the internet search engine company Fiddle. Unfortunately, she is stuck working as an assistant to the company’s CEO, but she’s hopeful that if she plays nice, one day she’ll be promoted.

Catch is an assassin. He’s been working this job for twelve years and now with his family taken care of he is ready to retire. All he wants to do is complete his last assignment, collect his large sum of cash, and then disappear to a nice, quiet place in another country.

When Max makes the huge mistake of sleeping with her boss, she decides to copy some files from his computer to hold as leverage in the event that he may try to fire her. Little does she know, the files hold secrets that can take down her boss and the entire Fiddle company.

That decision changes the course of both of their lives.

Catch is hired to kidnap and kill Max, but instead he chooses to save her life. They go on the run as he tries to formulate a plan to remove the hit on Max, because he believes that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. As they spend more time together, Catch’s motivation for saving her life changes with his realization that if anything happens to Max he may be unable to live without her.

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A sneak peek into Catch


“This is her?” I ask, as I look down at the picture, smoothing a thumb over the woman’s face. She has flaming red hair, green eyes, and perfect white teeth. She’s beautiful, and looks nothing like any of the other assignments I’ve ever had.

It’s a shame that she has to die.

The middleman nods. He is the one who has brought me all of my assignments over the years, and I still don’t know his name. He has silver hair with a beard to match, and deep brown eyes framed with thick crow’s feet. The fedora he always wears is turned slightly to the side, and his leather coat ends at his knees. He’s been Timer’s middleman for a very long time, and I’m convinced he eats nails for breakfast.

“You are to drop her off at the address on the back of the picture. They will contact you when it is time to carry out the hit,” middleman says in his smoker’s voice.

I narrow my eyes in a way that would normally intimidate a person, but the middleman seemed completely unfazed, his hard stare never faltering from mine. “This is different. I’ve never been told to kidnap, only kill.”

“I don’t ask questions. I only bring the assignments,” he says with finality, so I stop asking questions.

“Fine, but I need you to pass a message on to Timer for me.” When the middleman nods I continue. “This is the last one. I’m done.”

His chuckle lacks humor. “He’s paying you big for this one. You’re his best man. When that cash hits your hand we’ll see if you still want to walk away.”

I felt the muscle flex in my jaw. The last thing this guy wants to do is piss me off.

“Just give Timer the message,” I growl as I spin on my heel.

When I reach the metal door of the warehouse he grunts, and I turn to face him.

“Hey, don’t you want to know why this one needs to die?” he asks through the empty space between us.

I look up at the metal rafters in the warehouse as I think about what he just said. I always want to know what my assignments do that puts them in Timer’s path. It was part of my agreement with Timer. But with this one, there’s something different, something’s off.

“No. It’s my last one. I don’t want to know,” I reply.

“Very well…and Catch, this is one of the most important hits ever assigned, if not the most important. Timer’s getting a lot of money for this hit. Don’t screw it up.”

When the fuck have I ever screwed up?

It was on the tip of my tongue to say, but I just nod before stepping out into the cold night and slamming the metal door behind me.

Solange Poirier

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Solange Poirier is married and lives in southern Louisiana. She have the utmost privilege of being the mom to a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old. They test her sanity on a daily basis. She loves to read and write. She also loves dogs, cats, flowers, wine, dirty martinis, chocolate, sushi, family, friends, tattooed men, rock music, rock stars, laughing, video games, horror films, and the list could go on and on.

She writes because she loves to create characters and make stuff up. She just hopes that the readers enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

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