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The question for this week is:

We always talk about books that WE want. Let’s turn it on its head.
What books have you given other people lately?

Well, the past LUV’NV-sponsored giveaways were from me. 🙂 If I really want people to read a book, and because I enjoy supporting a little-known author, I usually host a giveaway for it myself. Away from the blog-oriented, I bought my hubs

World World Z

  by Max Brooks and

The Devil in the White City


In the Garden of Beasts

  by Erik Larson. I gave my mom

A Game of Thrones

  (love this series!), and my grandparent-in-laws were recently gifted

Cross Roads

  by Wm. Paul Young. I rarely lend anyone my books, but I gave my only copy of

The Hunger Games

  to my teenage niece to read. I don’t think she ever will, sadly. She’s not a reader; the book was my attempt to persuade her to become one, and I know I’ll never get the book back. 🙁

What about you? What books have you given to other recently?

Let us know in a comment below. We enjoy hearing from you! And feel free to leave us a link to your F&F Friday. We love discovering new blogs. Thanks for stopping by!

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Good luck, and happy reading!

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