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The question for this week is:

What is the first thing you would do if you woke up to find yourself in your favorite book?


If I woke up in this place found in

Cephrael’s Hand



… I’d blink,


, and blink some more before I laughed like a loon while rolling in the sand then jumping up, running with my arms waving around like an off-kilter bird as I joyously screamed for Trell of Tides, Tanis, Phaedor, and Pelas (okay, maybe not Pelas. He likes to hurt people, but he does have a good side, and he’s the best, most lovable villain I’ve ever come across). Then I’d jump into a node at the nearby Dannym castle to T’khendar, the “evil” planet found in

The Dagger of Adendigaeth

, book two of the series, before I’d scream for Prince Ean val Lorian, Pirate Corian, the mastermind Bjorn, and the Sundragon Ramu, all the while thanking Melissa McPhail for her creation, wondering if the ill-omen constellation Cephrael’s Hand is following me, and hoping I don’t run into the best-known truthreader Raine D’LaCourte because I don’t want him to know I didn’t like him at first. Then, like this paragraph, as I’m about to pass out from just the thought of being there, I’d probably remember to get a damn grip and breathe.

(Find my reviews for the first two books of

A Pattern of Shadow and Light


Cephrael’s Hand  here


The Dagger of Adendigaeth  here


So, what would you do in your favorite book? Join the hop and let us know!

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